How Many People You Can Fit into the World's Biggest Building Is Incredible

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how many people fit into one building

It's probably not a question that you ask yourself everyday, but have you ever wondered just how big a building would have to be to fit all 7.4 billion of us inside? if not then Real Life Lore has the answer anyway and it's actually pretty surprising. The building wouldn't actually need to be all that big, at least it doesn't appear that big would placed over a few blocks of Manhattan in the GIF above.

Although it doesn't appear all that big the giant red cube is actually 4,416 feet tall and around 8 miles on each side and still only have another room for each of us to stand up side-by-side. To put that into perspective the video goes on to explain how many people some famous existing structures could hold, from your average stadium that could hold around 114,000 people to the Boeing Everett Factory in Washington that could theoretically hold 40,831,000 people!