How Your Favourite Animated Movies Are Put Together and Edited

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The role of an editor as far as a live action movie is concerned is fairly easy to get your head around, there's a lot of footage that was shot on set that needs to be edited and cut up to make the movie and its story work, but what happens when you're editing an animated movie?

Unlike live action movies where there's plenty of raw footage at the editors disposal editors of animated movies don't have the same luxury as only the scenes that are going to be used actually get animated. In this video editor of Toy Story 3, Ken Schretzmann, takes us through the role of an editor in animating a movie and it's actually far more important than you would first think.

As he sums it up, live action movies are first shot and then edited, where as animate movies are first edited and then animate it later on, essentially working backwards through storyboards, rough draft animations and then the final product sometimes even adding in scenes later on rather than cutting them out.