Literally Just 17 Strangely Satisfying Photos

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Allow yourself to let go of all the stress and angst of everyday life and to be soothed by these 17 strangely satisfying photos that are an important reminder to everyone that the world isn't always as bad as it seems - at least not whilst you browse through these photos.

1. This impossibly smooth sand sculpture.

2. The way these books are so evenly spread.

3. This supermarket aisle.

4. These neatly arranged roles of tape.

5. This almost too perfect swirl of toothpaste.

6. This almost gravity defying tower of coins.

7. The trail left behind this kayaker.

8. This impressive post-it note artwork.

9. This majestic toilet paper rainbow.

10. The way the soil still keeps its shape without any support.

11. The path-to-leaf ratio in this photo.

oddly satisfying photos 11.png

12. The perfect pan of food.

13. This beautifully stacked collection of nuts.

14. This collection of pebbles.

15. This perfect snowy masterpiece.

16. The incredible icing on this cake.

17. Finally, the way these boxes line up.