17 Years Later Nokia Is Going to Re-launch the Much Loved 3310

The world's "most reliable" phone.
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Take a trip down memory lane if you will for just a moment and flashback to the year 2000 when mobile phones were chunky, incredibly basic devices that could only make and receive phone calls as well as send messages and you'll probably have a picture in your head of a phone that looks a lot like the Nokia 3310, a phone that at the time was a real game changer for the mobile phone world.

The 3310 used to be known as the world's "most reliable" phone, a title that it may just be able to take once again when Nokia re-launches the phone. According to the leak by Evan Blass the handset will cost around $62 and will be revealed at the Mobile World Congress on February 26th, 17 years since it was first launched.

It isn't clear yet whether the phone will be packing any new features from its predecessors but if anything we hope that the phone remains pretty much original, packing the same incredible battery life and the phones basic but robust casing - quite literally the stuff memes are made of.