18 Photos That Everyone Will Find Awkwardly Relatable

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Pretty much every meme is great but the funniest ones are always the relatable ones that manage to really resonate with you and how you feel. That's what makes these 18 photos so great, not only are they relatable but they also perfectly sum up how you feel about some of life's biggest quirks, from Uber rides to dead conversations and even a combination of the two.

1. When you're talking to someone and they hit you with the dreaded "k."

2. This ritual.

3. Checking your phone after a night out.

4. Because you deserve it.

5. Getting a text, but then realising it's not from the person you thought.

6. Just trying to do the polite thing.

7. You're physically there, but your mind is elsewhere.

8. Because you're not made of money.

9. When all you want is to be loved.

10. As soon as someone in your house forgets to do something.

11. The pain. Make it stop.

12. When you're browsing your ex's social media profiles.

13. Trying to act like you're above it all.

14. Got to act like you're still listening.

15. When you pick something up and it's heavier than you expected.

16. Looking at the camera roll and realising you don't look as good as you thought.

17. Because sometimes it's best to keep your mouth shut.

18. Finally, scrolling through Instagram drunk.