20 Amputees That Have Lost Limbs but Not Their Sense of Humour

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The life of an amputee can often have its difficulties, whether that's because a person was born without a limb or has lost one due to illness or accident, but every cloud has a silver lining and these amputees are able to see the funnier side to their situation, turning their lack of limbs into hilarious and witty jokes that we can all laugh along with.

From hilarious tops, creative costumes and of course the odd photo opportunity here or there, here are 20 amputees that may have lost their limbs but certainly not their sense of humour.

1. "My buddy has a good sense of humour."

2. He lost his right arm and broke his left... his friend gave him this shirt.

3. This girl.

funny amputee sense of humour jokes 3

4. This guy and his crazy snow sculpture.

5. Thanks, McDonald's.

6. This dad got himself a new t-shirt.

7. He was born without legs, but that doesn't stop him having a laugh over it.

8. Every year Josh Sundquist dresses up for halloween in style.

9. He's not too happy about this Christmas present.

10. Real Vs. what's not real.

funny amputee sense of humour jokes 14

11. I am Mrs.Nesbit.

12. Adventure Time costume.

13. "A nurse my wife works with took this picture on vacation."

14. One foot in the grave.

15. Using a prosthetic leg in a genius way.

16. Oops.

17. "Where have my muscles gone!?"

18. The cost of college.

19. Snow Angel.

funny amputee sense of humour jokes 11

20. This guy's going to make a lot.