20 Hilarious Posts That Will Change Your World View Forever

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Ever wondered what kind or fruit a watermelon is? well as it turns out its actually classed as a berry, but strawberries aren't! that's probably something you've never thought about before but not come to mention it there's plenty of other stuff that will make you question everything you know and below we've put together a list of them.

From realising that 'slang' is actually stands for shortened language to the 'why did the chicken cross the road?' joke taking a dark, dark turn, here are 20 hilarious posts that will change your world view forever.

1. This scientific discovery.

2. Even the greatest of walls have and end.

3. The bag scandal.

4. This link between periods and crime statistics.

5. The shampoo scandal that changes everything.

6. You'll never want a balloon again.

7. You have never actually seen your own face!?

8. This shower thought.

9. You can say this sentences in seven different ways.

10. The greatest phrase ever.

11. Lollipops will never be the same.


13. Toy Story just got dark.

14. This sad fact.

15. Your whole life has been a lie.

16. This watermelon revelation.

17. Australia is just a giant dog and cats head.

18. The fuel gauge in your car has an arrow telling you which side to fill up.

19. Who wouldn't want this job!?

20. This classic joke is now ruined.