29 Hilarious Cooking Fails from People Who Should Be Banned from the Kitchen Forever

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Some people are born with culinary skills and others aren't and if you consider yourself the latter of the two then don't worry as the chances are you're not actually all that bad, compared to these people at least. From minor fails such as cakes or cookies not quite turning out as expected to the slightly more hazardous fails that involves food catching fire and sometimes even entire kitchens being destroyed here are 29 people that should probably put down the frying pan or baking tray and leave it to someone else.

1. It was all going so well, until the baking started.

2. The most terrifying eggs with rice creation ever made.

3. Slightly overdone caramel.

4. Someone took on a pressure cooker and lost.

5. Cursed bread.

funny kitchen cooking fails 1

6. This cake, which was for a kids birthday party. It was so ugly that one of them started crying.

7. Pizza disaster.

funny kitchen cooking fails 10

8. Whoever baked this is probably missing something.

9. Brownie in a cup now outside of a cup.

10. What happens when you get drunk and fall asleep whilst cooking.

11. "Wife came home to this."

12. The face of defeat.

13. A meatloaf baby that should never have been made.

14. Snowman expectations Vs. reality.

15. "This is why I don't cook."

16. Had a 'slight accident' in the kitchen.

17. The eyes slid down the side and easter bunny ended up looking like this.

18. What happens when you 'think' it's a glass.

19. Never cook when drunk.

20. Cthulhu Pie Crust... sort of.

21. Spongebob looking a little worse for wear.

22. Everything is ok.

funny kitchen cooking fails 26

23. What a way to start the day.

24. A beautiful pancake.

funny kitchen cooking fails 19

25. Cutting skills... off the charts.

funny kitchen cooking fails 25

26. Cooking in college.

27. The spinach baby.

28. Why you should always read the label.