Artist Uses Architecture as a Way of Creating Powerful Visualisations of Mental Illness

In an unlikely pairing that seems to work incredibly well artist Federico Babina asked himself the question what would mental illness look like in architectural form and the series Archiatric was born. It may sound like an odd pairing but when you really think about it a structure that’s supposed to be upright and of course stable works as a powerful metaphor for the human mind and it’s wellbeing.

It’s through this concept that Babina manipulates the houses in abstract form to depict 16 different forms of mental illness, from anxiety to depression with a powerful and intense outcome that accurately portrays the mental illness in question. You can see more of Babina’s powerful and clever artworks on his personal website as well as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

1. Dyslexia

2. Eating Disorder

3. Gender Disorder

4. Dissociative Disorders

5. Phobias

6. Narcolepsy

7. Paranoia

8. Autism

9. Bipolar

10. Depression

11. Dementia

12. Schizophrenia

13. OCD

14. Alzheimer

15. Insomnia

16. Anxiety

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