Spanish Architect Transforms Disused Cement Factory into His Own Truly Unique Home

Located just outside of Barcelona a WWI-era cement factory lied abandoned, slowly being reclaimed by nature as vines and trees consumed the concrete structure, however rather than seeing a rundown and dilapidated building architect Ricardo Bofill saw a world of potential in the structure and almost 45 years later it has been completely transformed into a truly unique and rather beautiful home.

Bofill first stumbled across his home-to-be in 1973 however La fábrica, as it’s now known is still a work in progress to this date. The closed down plant was formerly used to create concrete during the WWI-era and would have once been a source of pollution on an industrial scale however over the years Bofill’s hard work has seen the space transformed into a warm and rather spectacular home with vast open rooms and an exterior that looks so amazing it’s easily worthy of being a Bond villain’s hideout. You can learn more about the project by visiting here.

Just outside of Barcelona lies the truly unique home of Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill

The home is a repurposed WWI-era cement factory that the architect purchased back in 1973

After years of renovation, restructuring and modernising he and his team have completely transformed the cement plant

Into a modern living space that has an interior as impressive as its exterior

Old parts of the cement plant remain both inside and out as unique focal points for the home 

No two rooms are the same inside the house and each serves it’s own purpose

Inside and out there are plenty of rooms that have been designed with relaxation in mind

Bofill and his team also use part of the plant as their workspace

Yet despite it’s beautiful appearance on the inside the home is far from finished and continues to evolve

Bufill compares the constant evolution of the building to his own work and life

Plants and trees have been allowed to continue growing, slowly covering the building

La fábrica continues to change to this day which is an integrale part of the projects charm

His work goes to show that just about any place can be a home with enough creativity and vision

Check out the video for more info:

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