The 24 Angriest Looking Animals Ever

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Look around the internet for a second and you'll see cute and cuddly animal photos everywhere you go, from adorable puppies to cats doing the silliest of things but just like us humans, animals also get grumpy from time to time, whether it's because they've been disturbed by annoying humans or been told that it's bath time.

To celebrate the the fact that things are all cute puppies and funny cat videos in the animal kingdom we've put together a list of the angriest looking animals ever, from pet goldfish that look remarkably similar to famous politicians to cats that are seriously unimpressed about being at the pet groomer.

1. Grumpy toad is not impressed.

2. Evil goldfish.

3. So cute he could never be scary.

4. Clearly plotting something evil.

5. Where's my food!?

6. The evilest stare ever.

7. Planning to take over the world.

8. Tiny turtle is angry.

9. This owl is filled with rage.

10. "Made a new friend today... It's cute how angry he is."

11. Garfi, the world's grumpiest cat.

12. War face on.

13. Earl the grumpy puppy.

14. The angriest goldfish of all time.

15. Angry bunny.

16. Hedgehog is not impressed with her toys.

17. Angry turtle.

18. Gangsta toad doesn't give a damn.

19. "I think my girlfriend's cat is plotting my death."

20. That face says it all.

21. Angry bird? more like grumpy bird.

22. Albert the sheep-cat has the ultimate resting bitch face.

23. "Yay, it's my birthday."

24. "I ate grumpy cat."