The Internet Has Fallen in Love with These Chinchillas' and Their Perfectly Rounded Butts

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With curves in all the right places what you're seeing isn't the work of Photoshop, these chinchillas really do have perfectly rounded, extremely fluffy butts making them even more adorable than normal! 

The chinchillas in question are from a breeder known as Cameron who's based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, who specialises in breeding show winning quality violet chinchillas that have perfectly rounded behinds which makes the adorable chinchillas you see below a show-winning prime example.

They don't require any special treatment or grooming to achieve their look and those on Cameron's website state that they're all exceptionally well cared for with all the toys and playtime any chinchilla can ask for. You can see more of Cameron's chinchillas on Facebook and Instagram.

h/t Boredpanda