This Amazing Resin Table Is Made Using 50,000-Year-Old Wood

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When you fuse modern design and manufacturing techniques with wood that's an incredible 50,000 years-old what you get is The Earth Table, a beautifully designed table made from extremely rare wood only found on New Zealand's North Island called called millenary Kauri, incased inside transparent resin. The wood was taken from the prehistoric Kauri trees that have been buried in pear since the end of the last ice age, preserved perfectly in a chemically stable atmosphere.

The table was designed by the family-run design company Riva 1920, based in Italy and is crafted from a combination of the rare wood, iron and resin. The "Earth" Table earns its title thanks to the way in which the pieces of wood are presented like continents and the resin in between the ocean. You can see more of Riva 1920's work here.