15 Simple Cheat Sheets for When You Want to Be Healthy

Trying to get in shape, get fitter or just be a little more healthy? these 15 simple infographics and guides are a great place to start. From carb and sugar-filled diet staples and their much healthier alternatives to how to make protein packed snack bars without the need for protein powder here are 15 simple cheat sheets for when you fancy being healthy.

1. For when you need a quick reminder on what’s a healthy choice.


2. For when you want to branch out from your normal five a day want and still want something that tastes good. Variety is the spice of life!cooksmart

3. For when you fancy a treat that’s both healthy and delicious!


4. For when you need a little more fiber in your diet.


5. For when you want to add more protein into your meals, try adding in some of these awesome ingredients.


6. For when you need some more Omega 3 and healthy fats in your diet.


7. A simple guide on how to make healthy protein bars, perfect for when your on the go.


8. A simple and delicious way to get your protein and coffee fix in one go.


9. For when you want to make a delicious tasting salad.


10. A simple guid on how to make a delicious vinaigrette.


11. How to prep a protein-filled meal for weight loss.


12. For when your not sure how often you should be grabbing a snack.


13. For when you want to swap out carbs for something a little lighter.


14. A guide on packing a healthy lunch for when your on the go.


15. For when you want to avoid sugar and all of its other aliases.



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