22 Animals That Are Slowly Returning to Their Liquid Form

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It's already a well known fact that cats are indeed capable of achieving a liquid state, just check out these liquid kitty's, but as it turns out they're not the only species that are able to melt into a pool of fluff as birds, hamsters, rabbits, dogs and just about every species you can think of is also able to turn to liquid, they just have different melting points! here are 22 adorable photos of animals that are slowly melting away whilst melting everyones hearts!

1. This kitty is slowly melting in the sun.

2 He's returning to his liquid form!

3. This cat tried to get out of bed, but melted instead.

4. These tiny hamsters have reached their melting point.

5. Solid Vs. Liquid!

6. This owl is slowly melting down.

7. He looks pretty comfy melting into that sofa.

8. Liquid bulldog.

9. Where's he gone!?

10. Putting cats in direct sunlight can sometimes be hazardous.

11. Hamster in solid Vs. liquid form.

12. A stretch too far.

animals melting 12

13. These ducks have reached their melting point.

14. Sleepy squirrel.

15. Melting into the sofa.

16. Some cats have different melting points compared to others.

17. Liquid owl.

18. This hamster will soon disappear into the bed.

animals melting 19

19. Getting out of bed can also cause melting.

animals melting 13

20. So can staying in bed for too long!

21. Getting out of bed was just too damn difficult.

22. Finally, some animals only half melt.

h/t Boredpanda