Artist Recreates Urban Cities in Miniature Form With an Incredible Amount of Detail

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Replicating sprawling urban cities in miniature form Australian artist Joshua Smith packs an incredible amount of detail into each of his projects, creating an immersive world that's all too easy to get lost in whilst perfectly capturing the gritty atmosphere of urban sidewalks and buildings.

Smith's latest piece that you see pictured below is titled Temple Street and is actually modelled on a real apartment block in Kowloon City, Hong Kong. In order to create the model Smith uses finely cut cardboard as well as fibreboard and of course paint to replicate the almost grungy look that lends its self well to an industrious, busy environment. He then photographs the models in such a way that you begin to question whether what you're looking at is in fact a real city or a model. If we didn't know any better then a lot of these could have fooled us!

You can see more of the artists work on his website as well as over on Facebook.