Artist Turns Modern Day Issues in Society into Controversial Illustrations

The Israeli illustrator duo Tomer Hanuka and Asaf Hanuka use their bright and vibrant cartoon style to paint a slightly darker picture of modern society, turning political issues, problems with social media and society as whole into satirical illustrations that make you stop and think.

Choosing to tackle issues of online privacy as well as using the term “likeoholic” to describe people that post stuff online to gain likes as if it’s drug each of them depicts a relatable issue whilst also leaving the artworks to our own interpretation. 

You can pick up prints of these over on Asaf Hanuka’s Etsy Store and the artist’s also have an award-winning graphic novel featuring artwork that follows the same style and themes as you see below which you can check out over on Amazon.

1. Likeoholic

2. Superman

3. Putting Your Personal Life Online

4. Underworld

5. To Buy Or Not To Buy

6. Second Life

7. Until Next Summer

8. Working Out

9. Street Party

10. Parent’s Neglecting Their Children

11. Everyone’s Climbing To The Top

12. Sponge Brain


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