Guy Cleverly Photoshops Himself into Each "Best Picture" Oscar Nominated Movie Poster

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Although Guy Madjar may not have won any awards at this years Oscars he has found a way of being a part of them, by using his Photoshop skills to place himself on each of the "best picture" nominated movies posters with pretty funny results.

Fed up with waiting around for Hollywood to recognise him as the talented actor he is Madjar decided that there was an easier way to make it big in the film industry, placing himself into Oscar-nominated movies such as La La land, Moonlight and Fences, promising to continue his quest for movie stardom through his Photoshop skills over on Twitter.

1. Hell or High Water

2. Fences

3. Moonlight

4. Hacksaw Ridge

5. La La Land

6. Arrival

7. Manchester by the Sea

8. Lion

9. Hidden Figures

h/t UltraLinx