This Photographer Is Celebrating Stray Cats Through Majestic Portrait Photographs

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Although a cat sadly not having a forever home is nothing to celebrate, 19-year-old photographer Gabrielius Khiterer manages to turn a negative into a positive through his captivating portraits of stray cats that capture the resilience and dignity of these majestic and mysterious creatures. As part of a series of intimate portrait shots of stray cats by Khiterer around a year ago the photographer manages to capture the animals flaws and in doing so actually highlights their beauty as scars and imperfections are laid bare for all too see.

These scars and imperfections of course make the cats a product of their environment, as their tough exteriors match their desire and determination to survive on their own, however Khiterer's photographs attempt to breakdown that tough exterior and reveal a softer side to each of the cats that he photographs.

Through doing so he manages to capture their dual personalities, something that a normal domesticated cat lacks, creating a deeper understanding of their characters and also a sense of respect and admiration. Most of these photos were taken in Khitere's hometown of Vilnius, Lithuania. You can see more of his work on 500px as well as over on Facebook.

via MyModernMet