This Striking Photo Series Reveals an Entirely New Perspective on Horses

Like you've never seen them before...
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Horses are majestic creatures and are often the subject of some truly beautiful photographs, but never anything like these stunning shots from Lithuanian photographer Andrius Burba who's most recent series of Underlook photos offers us an entirely new perspective on our equine friends by photographing them and their underbelly's from underneath.

In order to achieve this unusual effect each horse was walked over a raised platform made from glass and then photographed set against a black background with remarkable results, however actually executing this was quite the challenge. First a hole was dug about 3 meters deep so that Burba could setup his camera equipment before shooting his subjects and secondly he had to overcome the issue of the horses scratching the glass which in the end was solved with a pair of rubber horseshoes.

In the end the project took over two months to complete and more than 40 people to assist but the results speak for themselves. Photographing the animals from this perspective is not only fascinating, it also highlights their muscular form and captures their unique personalities. You can see more of Burba's work on his website as well as pick up limited edition prints of these photos here.

And here's how Andrius pulled off these amazing shots...

BlazePress granted permission to use photos by Andrius Burba.