21 Photos That Show Why Kids Should Never Be Left Alone With Pets

Unless of course you want chaos...
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Unless you want absolute chaos to ensue, leaving your children alone with the family pet (or pets in some cases) for more than five minutes can prove to be a bit of a disaster, as proven by these 22 hilarious photos of parent's and siblings that found that out the hard way.

Whilst some pets are more tolerant than others to people's antics these cats and dogs definitely belong in the more 'chilled' category as they've had to endure being drawn on, covered in toys and even dressed up in rather amazing costumes. On a serious note however these brilliant photos serve as a reminder of the rather special and unique bond that both children and pets share.

1. Apparently the cat needed some extra toys to make its scratching post a bit more interesting.

2. What happens when you go on vacation and someone with three kids looks after your dog for you.

3. Forget decorating the tree, let's decorate the dog instead.

4. Turn your back for five minutes and you've got yourself a Superdog.

5. This cat is so done with being inside a push chair right now.

6. Leaving your dog alone for five minutes to return to this.

7. Partners in crime.

leaving kids alone with pets 14

8. They took a nap and in the meantime their daughter made the cat a unicorn hat.

9. "My nephew turned the cat into a mosaic."

10. This cat has somehow ended up in a swing and it's doubtful that he did it himself.

11. This is one truly patient dog.

12. The moment a cat is slowly consumed by LEGO.

13. Someone sign this dog up with a modelling contract ASAP.

14. Kids and sharpies can have some very interesting results.

15. The cats face pretty much says it all.

leaving kids alone with pets 7

16. Totally innocent.

17. Leaving a kid alone with a dog can have very interesting results. 

18. "I left my niece alone with my dog for 20 minutes and came back this..."

19. There's also the danger that the kids will start to think they're pets too.

leaving kids alone with pets 3

20. The contouring on this cat really is quite impressive.

21. "You nose that I love you."