22 People That Really Couldn't Care Less If They Tried

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You can go through life worrying about what your friends, colleagues and people in general for that matter think of you, or you can do as these people have chosen to do and take a more care free approach to life.

You'll notice that quite a few of these people on the list are elderly which certainly isn't by chance. As people get older they stop caring so much about what everyone else things and just get on with life instead. Perhaps we could all learn a thing or two from them? here are 22 people that really couldn't care less if they tried.

1. This couple.

2. Just keep smiling.

3. Spiderman at the nativity.

4. This little kid that showed up to a guys door, asked for a banana and then left.

5. After learning his flight was delayed, this guy decided to take a nap in his tent.

6. This subway vent guy.

7. This couple that are totally chill about their accident.

8. This lady at the gym.

9. This woman who couldn't care less who she holds up.

10. This guy giving all the hipster out there a run for their money.

11. There's always time for a quick game of Solitaire.

12. This guy who might just be having an issue with his shoes.

13. Just chilling.

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14. This guy who's taking full advantage of the unlimited refills.

15. This woman who just gave up and painted a tree instead.

16. This musician taking a nap.

17. This guy who decided to start making pancakes in class.

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18. Some of the things you see in Florida...

19. This compelling list of things to be passionate about...

20. This highly vigilant security guard.

21. This old lady who doesn't give a damn.

22. Finally, this guy.

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