IKEA Donates Doll Beds to Cat Shelter, Cats Can't Get Enough of Them

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Kitties staying at the Etobicoke Humane Society in Ontario once had to sleep on the cold floor, at least that was until IKEA decided to donate 10 doll beds to the shelter and now they get to sleep in comfort every night. Although the floor is easily kept clean it's not always the most comfy surface for a kitty to sleep on however the cats can now curl up on their own beds every night and judging by the photos below they couldn't be happier.

Although IKEA doesn't sell pet furniture it has been pointed out that their tiny Duktig Doll Beds are actually the perfect size for our most beloved furry friends which even prompted IKEA themselves to feature a cat lying on top of their bunkbed version in one of their catalogue photos. To learn more about the shelter you can visit their website as well as check out their Facebook and Instagram.

The kitties staying at the Etobicoke shelter only had a cold floor to sleep on...

ikea donate cat beds 1

...so IKEA decided to donate a couple of dolls beds to them!

ikea donate cat beds 2

Judging by the photos that they've shared, the kitties couldn't be happier with their new beds

ikea donate cat beds 3

IKEA doesn't actually sell pet furniture...

ikea donate cat beds 4

...although it just so happens that their doll beds are a perfect fit

ikea donate cat beds 5

And now they can finally enjoy a good nights sleep!

ikea donate cat beds 6