People Are Photographed as Young Adults and Again at 100-Years-Old in Fascinating Photos

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A lot changes during the course of someone's lifetime and that includes their own appearance, from wrinkles, to grey hairs and more, but although we change as we age we still very much stay the same person - or as we'd like to believe, a wiser and much better version of our former selves.

With this in mind for his latest project photographer Jan Langer has put together a series titled "Faces Of Century" which is a look back at Czech centenarians and how they've change or sometimes stayed exactly the same over the course of their lifetimes. It's a fascinating project that leads us to wonder what each of these individuals have been through or experienced in their lifetimes and what's lead them to be where they are today. Although time may have changed their appearance their identities remain stronger than ever.

1. Marie Burešová photographed at her own wedding at just 23 and again at 101-years-old.

2. Ludmila Vysloužilová photographed at 23-years-old and again at 101.

3.  Anna Pochobradská at around 30-years-old and again at 100.

4. After just finishing high school at 23 Vlasta Čížková poses for the camera and again on the right at 102.

5. Skilled Electrician Stanislav Spáčil poses for the camera at 17-years-old. On the right he is 102.

6. Skilled locksmith Antonín Baldrman in a photo taken when he was just 17-years-old. On the right he is photographed at 101.

7. Photographed after her wedding 22-year-old Anna Vašinová smiles for the camera. On the right she is 102-years-old.

8. 30-year-old Vincenc Jetelina poses for the camera proudly after finishing his own house and again on the right at 105-years-old.

9. 26-year-old Bedřiška Köhlerová poses for a photo at a wedding. On the right she is 103.

10. Bandmaster of his own band, on the right Antonín Kovář poses for a photo at the age of 25. On the right he is 102.

11. Picture on the left is skilled confectioner Ludvík Chybík at the age of 20-years-old, his portrait on the right is of him at 102-years-old.

12. Pictured here on the left is 22-year-old Prokop Vejdělek during his attendance to an 'Oath Of Enlistment'. On the right he is 101-years-old.

13. Finally, this is Marie Fejfarová. You'll notice her younger photo is missing, this is because her personal history was burnt. On the right she's 101-years-old.