Putting a Bike Engine in a Bumper Car Makes Every Other Amusement Ride Look Boring


Amusement parks are supposed to be fun, thrill-seeking experiences but after seeing a bumper car fitted with a bike engine every rollercoaster you’ve been on will seem fairly ta and it’s all thanks to the clever work of YouTuber Colin Furze who completely owns the YouTube niche of wacky and totally insane inventions, from DIY jet engines to flame throwers and of course his other speciality – making slow things seriously quick.

The base bumper car is a shell from the 60’s however that’s just about the only thing that’s original as underneath that shell is a 600CC, 100 brake horsepower engine that Furze custom fitted. Here he can be seen casually testing it out with no safety gear… whilst Top Gear’s Stig sets a new world record for the world’s quickest bumper car with an average speed of 100mph.

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