Russian Photographer Takes Enchanting Fairytale Photos Featuring Wild Animals

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Whilst achieving a magical shot featuring a model and a wild animal would be easy enough using Photoshop, Russian photographer Olga Barantseva captures everything you see in her shots in camera, wild bears, foxes and wolves included!

Although Barantseva works with a variety of exotic animals you'll notice that there's one animal in the photos below that steals the show, a giant 1,400 pound bear called Stephan that stands at an impressive 7 feet tall - a rather stark contrast to the models that Barantseva is used to working with.

That being said since their first successful shoot Barantseva and Stephan have worked on repeated projects with each other and although he's a giant compared to the models he works with he's really just one gentle giant who's been with his trainer for nearly 20 years after being rescued as a starving cub.

Since then Stephan has gone on to work on movies and countless other projects including with Barantseva who's enchanting portraits take on an almost fairytale appearance with their picturesque backdrops and of course the fascinating interaction between wild animals and humans. You can see more of Barantseva's work over on her 500px page as well as Facebook.

via MyModernMet