Warped Anamorphic Sculptures That Only Take Form in Reflections by Jonty Hurwitz

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At first glance these obscure sculptures appear stretched out and warped to the point that they're almost unrecognisable however all becomes clear when the anamorphic pieces are placed next to a cylindrical mirror to reveal brilliantly crafted works of art that take the form of both animals and humans.

The anamorphic sculptures are the work of South African artist Jonty Hurwitz who often chooses to work with metals such as bronze and copper, sometimes later adding oil paint when a more life-like appearance is needed.

Without the mirrors the pieces appear like organic sculptures or stretched out versions of objects that almost look familiar however it's not until they strategically placed next to a mirror that their true form is revealed making their appearance even more impressive. You can keep up to date with Hurwitz's work on his websiteFacebook and Instagram.

The anamorphic sculptures of Hurwitz's have a hidden form that's only visible in the mirror...

Each of the sculptures takes on an almost organic form that's barely recognisable...

Until they are strategically placed next to a cylindrical mirror to reveal their true form.