You Can Now Buy the World's "Mattest and Flattest" Black Paint

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Earlier this year the world's blackest paint was unveiled and it had artist's around the world excited to get their hands on the stuff with the possibility of creating some seriously amazing art, however Vantablack as it's now known isn't available for free use after British artist Anish Kapoor gained exclusive rights to the colour, teaming up with its developer Surrey Nano Systems and dashing the hopes and dreams of artist's around the world.

At this point fellow British artist Stuart Semple struck back, creating a collection of colours that Kapoor is banned from purchasing, including the collections flagship colour which is referred to as Black 2.0 and is available to artists to buy at a rather reasonable price of $15 for 150 ml.

In order to buy the paint you first have to declare that you're not Anish Kapoor and that you aren't purchasing the paint on the artist's behalf, but once that's all out of the way you can get your hands on some of the blackest paint you can buy, although by Semple's own admission it's not the blackest black in the world.

Even so you can see from the photos below that the paint does the job when it comes to turning even the most interesting of objects into a void, empty object that appears to have been consumed by darkness. For more information you can visit Semple's site.

Check it out in this video: