20 Dogs That Are Completely Terrified of the Funniest Things

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Just like us humans dogs have their own fears too and because they're smaller than us and don't always fully understand the world around them, what's normal and everyday to us is a big deal to them - especially when we're talking hoovers or things that move or make a noise on their own.

In-fact, it would appear that even bridges, new toys, different species and much more are enough to give mans best friend a spook. Here are 20 dogs that are completely terrified of the funniest things and their priceless reactions.

1. He's terrified of crossing bridges.

2. He's watching Shark Week on Discovery.

3. Terrified of his newest toy.

4. A mouse!

5. She's terrified that it's her birthday.

6. She didn't like the cat so went to the corner of the room and  refused to look at him.

7. Pug doesn't like giant pug.

8. Dog scared of Julia Roberts

9. She's scared of the lawnmower...

10. Wait, this isn't the park.

11. She was scared of the lawn mower so went and hid with the alpacas.

12. He's afraid to leave the carpet.

13. The look on the dogs face is priceless.

14. She saw a mouse and ended up here.

15. When it's raining he'll just pretend he's not arrived at his destination yet.

16. "Hold me, i'm scared!"

17. When there's thunder he panics!

18. This dog is clearly not a fan of sheep

19. Terrified of the Roomba

20. "They're ganging up on me!"