Artist Turns NYC Trash Cans into Giant Flower Filled Vases

A beautiful act of vandalism?
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Although undeniably beautiful in appearance some of New York-based floral designer Lewis Miller's latest creations have people questioning their practicality. For the past couple of months people walking the streets of Manhattan may have spotted a rather unusual site - a trash can that's been repurposed as a giant vase now full of beautiful flowers.

They are a vision that Miller has been thinking about for years as part of a guerrilla style art project in which he hopes to evoke an emotional response from passers by through his floral arrangements, some of which, if commissioned by a client would cost up to $10,000.

Filled with roses, orchids and dahlias the impromptu bouquets vary in scale but remain equally as striking. Miller tries to use flowers from previous events as to almost give the flowers a second life and as impressive as they are some people are asking "where do people throw away their trash?." Whilst its not a project that will help tidy up the city the temporary arrangements certainly make it a more colourful and vibrant place to be. Find out more about Millers work here.

Floral designer Lewis Miller has been brightening the streets of NYC with his impressive floral trash can arrangements.

Aside from trash cans Miller also decorates sculptures, sidewalks and plaques with flower arrangements that equally as impressive!