Makeup Artist Puts Her Own Artistic Stamp On "Skull Face" and It's Amazing

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You've probably seen skull-inspired makeup designs before, particularly around halloween time or at a fancy dress party however nothing like the work of makeup artist Vanessa Davis who's grown a huge online following thanks to her elaborate skull designs that often include vibrant colours, intricate patterns and mythical creatures.

Davis has become so popular for her skull creations that she now goes by the name 'The Skulltress,' online with over 200k people following her Instagram account to see her next post as she continuously finds new ways to dress up in skull themed creations that incorporate designs inspired by butterfly's, koi fish, birds and even the elements.

Why the skull theme you ask? for Davis the skull theme is a clever choice to make her artwork stand out whilst also paying tribute to her heritage. “I noticed that the successful makeup accounts specialised in either a particular style or subject, so I chose skulls, which also worked as my heritage is Mexican and English,” she told Allure. Also fascinated by the way in which skulls are portrayed in art and fashion Davis' work offers a fresh take on an already familiar theme.

Here Davis shares a step by step from start to finish:

Here Davis shares a step by step from start to finish:

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