Photoshop Gets Weird After Photographer Creates Minecraft Inspired Cubed Animals

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Photoshop is used a lot for editing images whether it's to subtly alter a photographs colour or to create an image that's entirely fictional and the work of Aditya Aryanto certainly falls into the latter thanks to his intriguing and also quite hilarious series titled Minecraft in Real Life.

Inspiration for the series was of course sparked directly by the incredibly popular computer game Minecraft and if you're familiar with the textured 3D cubed-world from the game then that influence is clear to see in Aryanto's work.

Using photos of rabbits, kittens, dogs and more, all of which are in the public domain the artist creates bizarre looking cubed animals amongst normal looking landscapes which creates a rather stark and hilarious contrast. You can see more of his work over on Behance and Instagram.

Manipulating the form of real-life animals artist Aditya Aryanto has created a series in which they appear like real life Minecraft characters.