World’s Largest Redwood Sculpture Carved from a Single Tree Is Finally Complete After 3 Years

Three years since work began on creating The Oriental Lion, a 47.5 feet-long and 16.5 feet-high sculpture, the giant redwood tree trunk now sits in a Central Chinese city square for all to admire and it’s been quite the journey.

The sculpture, which was carved from a single giant redwood tree trunk over the course of three years depicts a giant roaring lion and was created by Chinese architect Dengding Rui Yao along with the help of 20 other people over the course of the project who helped turn the tree trunk into the impressive sculpture it is today.

Completed in Myanmar in 2015 the giant carving was then transported some 3000 miles to Wuhan’s Fortune Plaza Times Square. The role of the lion in Chinese culture is significant and its use outside of palaces and grand entrances is seen as a symbol of protection and judging by this sculptures incredible presence it’s not hard to see why.

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