24 Adorable Before and After Photos of Dogs That Have All Grown Up

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One thing you learn as you get older is that time goes by really, really quickly. In fact it would seem that the older you get the quicker is goes and that can be said for just about everything, including pets growing up. 

If you've had a dog since it was a pup you'll know all too well how quickly they can go from little bundles of fluff to fully grown dogs, sometimes in just a matter of months - but to us they'll always remain adorable puppies to us. Here are 24 adorable before and after pics of dogs that have all grown up.

1. It still fits!

2. Fluffier than ever before.

3. Still best friends.

4. Always watching.

before and after dogs growing up 22

5. Still got that same look.

6. He still likes to be picked up.

7. They've done this every night for more than 10 years.

8. Same adorable smile, just bigger.

9. She still loves her first toy.

10. Pablo, then and now.

11. She overtook her best friend!

12. Snuggles.

13. The difference a year makes.

14. 5 weeks vs. 55 weeks.

15. Little Irwin vs. Big Irwin!

16. Still fits... kind of.

17. Growing up after six months.

18. 112 in dog years and still beautiful.

19. Best friends forever.

20. 9 Weeks. 13 Weeks. 21 Weeks.

21. Growing up is hard work.

22. Still the same grumpy look.

before and after dogs growing up 3

23. Never too big for cuddles.

24. Only 12 weeks apart!