IKEA’s Genius New Recipe Posters Make Cooking Easier Than Ever

Anyone that’s been to IKEA and bought themselves some flatpack furniture will be familiar with the Swedish companies approach to things – keeping it simple and whilst putting up a table or shelving unit isn’t always quite as easy as intended they’re new recipe posters appear to make cooking and following recipes a piece of cake.

IKEA’s Canadian branch paired up with Toronto-based marketing company Leo Burnett to create what they’re calling Cook This Page, a series of illustrated recipe pages that display all the ingredients needed so all you have to do is fill in the blanks.

The posters are made from edible parchment paper meaning they’re totally safe to cook with, so you can roll them up and put them in the oven. Checkout some of the recipes so far.

Ravioli with Swedish meatballs

Salmon with lemon and herbs

Fancy shrimp recipe

Check it out in action:


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