Someone Peeled off 30 Years Worth of Graffiti and Here's What They Found

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As impressive and thought provoking as some graffiti is on the surface have you ever wondered what lies beneath? well someone decided to take a look by peeling away more than 30 years worth of paint and the answer is pretty intriguing.

Imgur user PaulDeGraaf decided to visit the Graffiti Hall of Fame you see below called “Doornroosje” located in city of Nijmegen, the Netherlands, and remove a small fragment of the buildings wall to reveal layer upon layer of paint that can almost be used as a way of backdating certain times and events as you can see in the timeline below.

PaulDeGraaf describes the area as a "70’s Hippie cult place" before it became a centre for music and art in the early 80's with it also being one of the first places where you could legally smoke cannabis. It's still an operating music studio to this day.

This is the Graffiti Hall of Fame called “Doornroosje”

Located in the city of Nijmegen, the Netherlands, the building has been a hotspot for graffiti for more than 30 years...

Imgur user PaulDeGraaf took a fragment of the wall that's been painted repeatedly over the years and here's what it looks like...

The layers that have built up over the years act as a timeline, similar to the rings of a tree

And here's a timeline that breaks everything down

As well as a banana for scale!

The rest of the building is likely the same as it's covered top to bottom in art