Storm Photographer Turns 6 Years of Photographs Into One Breathtaking Time Lapse

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The word breathtaking gets thrown around a lot when it comes to the world of time lapses and rightly so - there's something so enchanting about watching the world go by and events unfold at a pace far quicker than we're custom to.

So you'll understand why this time lapse from storm chaser and photographer Chad Cowan is worthy of that title and so much more. Whilst some creative projects take a few months and maybe even a few years the time lapse and short film titled Fractal is in fact a collection of Cowan's work over the past half a decade.

Featuring lightning, thunderstorms, dramatic sunsets, sunrises, landscapes and just about everything amazing (and terrifying) that mother nature has to offer this is a time lapse worth watching. You can see more of Cowan's work over on his website.