This Augmented Reality App Shows the Future of Virtual Tools

Laan Labs

Whilst the world awaits for the release of Apple’s newest operating system, iOS 11, small bits of information have been leaked here and there that have got a lot of people excited and one of the most anticipated new features is the ARKit, a framework for developers that allows them to create augmented reality experiences for iPhone and if you weren’t hyped for it yet you will be after seeing this virtual measuring tape.

In a video posted by Laan Labs we see a measuring tape app called AR Measure being put to use and being compared side-by-side with a real measuring tape and it’s surprisingly accurate to the point that you’re left wondering is there any real need for real measuring tapes anymore?

Perhaps not yet, but it’s an interesting look into the future of virtual tools and how they may one day be our go-to solution for taking measurements.

AR Measure is a new augmented reality app that acts as a handy measuring tape for your iPhone.

Laan Labs
Laan Labs
Laan Labs

See the App in action:

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