This Japanese Company Makes Custom Samurai Armour for Cats and Dogs

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That's right, if you're looking to turn your four-pawed companion into a warrior there's now a Japanese company called Samurai Age that will help them look the part. Now you might be thinking "does the world really need Samurai armour for cats and dogs?", the answer to which is yes, it really does.

Dogs are incredibly loyal and cats at times can be pretty ferocious, all traits that make great warriors, so it almost seems fitting to dress them in iconic Samurai-styled outfits. Take the adorable Shibu Inu you see below, he's rocking an outfit that's inspired by Sanada Yukimura, a hero from the Sengoku Basara series. 

How much does it cost to turn your dog into a warrior? depending on the size of your dog prices start at 4,040 yen ($125) and can go up to 16,416 yen ($146). Head over to Samurai Age's Facebook if you want to find out more.

The Japanese company Samurai Age has started making samurai outfits for cats and dogs...

dog and cat armour costumes 1

And they look amazing!

dog and cat armour costumes 2

The company offers standard sized outfits for your four-pawed companions...

dog and cat armour costumes 3

But they can also offer custom outfits!

dog and cat armour costumes 4

The company takes inspiration from existing Samurai outfits...

dog and cat armour costumes 5

This Shibu Inu is wearing an outfit inspired by Sanada Yukimura, a character from the Sengoku Basara series

dog and cat armour costumes 7

And he looks pretty damn awesome in it too!

dog and cat armour costumes 8