20 Unique Pieces of Furniture Made from Recycled Airplane Parts

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Whilst some of us prefer to stay firmly grounded others love nothing more than taking to the sky, so much so that they also like to bring a little bit of aviation design or history back with them into their own homes.

It's so popular in fact that people run entire businesses centred around buying old aircraft and aircraft parts in order to turn them into bespoke pieces of furniture that even people who have a fear of flying will appreciate.

From airplane wings that have been turned into unique desks for the ultimate workspace of an engine cowling that's either been turned into a reception desk, chair or even a bed, here are 20 unique pieces of furniture made from recycled airplane parts.

1. Engine cowling split in half to form a bed.

2. Boardroom meeting table made from a planes wing.

interesting unique furniture made from airplane parts 19

3. A chair made from old airplane parts.

interesting unique furniture made from airplane parts 18

4. Boeing 757 first class seats.

5. An old airplane engine propping up a glass table.

6. Reception desk made from engine cowling.

7. Jet engine ceiling fan.

9. Aircraft door cabinet.

10. Aircraft wing desk.

interesting unique furniture made from airplane parts 13

11. Bae 146 exhaust lamp.

12. Table and wine rack made from a jet engine propeller.

13. Jet engine parts repurposed as a shower.

14. Jet engine turned into a mirror.

15. 747 jumbo jet engine used as a conference table.

16. Aviator wing desk.

17. Vintage propeller glass table.

18. Boeing 737 engine cowling turned into a chair.

19. Desk wing.

20. Boeing 737 cowling mirror.