22 Times Panoramic Photos Went So Wrong It Was Nightmare Fuel

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Panoramic photos are probably the best way to do an amazing view or landscape justice when photographing it, however when they go wrong they can turn into the stuff nightmares are made of.

The problem lies in the process behind the panoramic photo in which multiple photos are stitched together to create one giant canvas - they're fine as long as nothing within the frame is moving and everyone in the photo remains completely still.

Whilst it's hard to get people to stay still whilst posing for the camera it's near damn impossible to get a pet or a newborn to do it, which is why these panoramic photos went from frame worthy to nightmare fuel.

1. The future of motoring.

2. Catch a wave.

3. Two doggos for the price of one.

4. Inception in London.

5. Catwalk at London Fashion week.

6. Silverback spotted in the wild.

7. A new breed of horse.

8. New species of human spotted.

9. A panoramic portrait gone terribly wrong.

10. End of the world.



11. Look at him go!

12. "My kid took a panorama photo of me that went horribly right."

13. When you're not very good at taking panoramic photos.

14. What kind of Dachshund is this?

15. This dog just became a Cerberus.

16. What horror movie is this!?

funny panoramic photo fails 8

17. That's a loooooong arm.

18. Move during a panorama photo and troll face ensues.

19. Panoramic photo taken at a concert.

20. Inception style.

21. Using a "wide selfie" feature... but you need to stay still for it to work.

22. Behold, the mysterious seven-foot-long cat.