Rescued Husky Forms Inseparable Bond with Photographer, Now They Go on Amazing Adventures

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Four years ago photographer Troy Moth met Nikita, a rescued husky dog that's gone on to have a profound influence over the photographers life and his work.

With Nikita by his side the photographer, artist and filmmaker decided to take the plunge and leave a good career as a fashion photographer and follow his heart, moving back to his birthplace of Vancouver Island.

Watching Nikita's transformation from a shy, scared and vulnerable pup into the adventurous husky she is today has influenced Moth's work heavily - so much so that she's gone on to be the star of some of his most impressive work.

It all started after Moth would see the fear in Nikita every time he tried to approach her, however over the course of months he built up trust between the two of them. Lack of human interaction from Nikita's time spent locked up in a crate had caused her to be incredibly shy and it was this that made Moth vow to never lock her up again.

Now the two of them spend all of their time in the great outdoors going on adventures across North America. Whilst on their adventures together Nikita has taught Moth how to enjoy the simpler things in life as he watches her enjoy exploring and doing what she loves the most. You can keep up with where they go next on Instagram & Facebook.

Four years ago photographer Troy Moth adopted a rescue dog named Nikita, who over the years has gone from a shy puppy to an adventurous dog.

Once a high fashion photographer Moth has since moved back to his birthplace. Now he and Nikita enjoy going on adventures together.

And Moth has found a new passion in life, photographer the adventures that he and his best friend go on together!

Photos posted by BlazePress with permission from Troy Moth