The 20 Strangest People Ever Spotted Riding the Subway

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No body really likes taking public transport, but when you work in a busy city and the only other option is to sit in traffic (unless you walk) it's actually a pretty efficient way to get around - that's if you don't mind sharing your personal space or in this case a carriage, with other people.

The only problem is that those people can sometimes be a little bizarre, from those that won't go anywhere without their pet raven to people that like to play dress up - you never quite know what to expect and taking the subway can sometimes be a real lottery.

To celebrate some of the wacky and unusual sights people have spotted on subways we've put together this list of seriously strange and unusual sights - from the most hilarious to the most heartwarming.

1. Rhino riding the London Underground.

2. This guy clearly has life all figured out.

3. Meanwhile, in New York...

4. Toy Soldier riding the NYC Subway.

5. Moscow's subway is an interesting place.

6. Should probably hide that book.

7. This guy just casually chilling in his hammock.

8. Well, this looks a little awkward.

9. This lady and her lettuce hat.

10. Is it a Zebrataur or a Cenbra!?

11. Pikatchu must have eaten someone!

12. That co-ordination though.

13. Stand off on the subway.

14. Adorable subway passenger.


16. Reasons to not ride on public transport: This.

17. A girl with her raven on the subway.

18. "Wanna buy a kitty?"

19. This guy spent the entire subway trip.

20. "This text has no other purpose than to terrify those who are afraid of the arabic language."