Artist Reimagines Fast Food Mascots as Anime Characters and the Internet Can't Get Enough of Them

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An artist from the Philipinnes has been causing quite a stir within the world of anime lovers recently after reimagining some of the world's most popular fast food brand mascots as anime characters and people love them so much they want to read their manga.

The artist in question goes by the name of Ozumii Wizard and she's been busy turning Ronald McDonald, Colonel Sanders and even the Starbucks logo into anime style illustrations that have left everyone wanting to see more. Check them out!

1. Arby's

2. Jack In The Box

3. Denny's

4. Teavana

5. Starbucks

6. Dairy Queen

7. Hamburglar

8. Wendys

9. Burger King

10. Colonel Sanders, KFC

11. Ronald McDonald