This Woman Did a Boudoir Photoshoot in a T.Rex Costume and It’s Brilliant

It’s not everyday that a client comes to a photographer and asks them to do a photoshoot in a dinosaur costume, so the moment a friend mentioned to Josh & Kissy Photography that they’d like to do just that they had one question – “when and where!?.”

Boudoir themed shoots are supposed to be sexy… which is probably why this T.Rex inspired shoot has got the internet going crazy…

Behold the majestic Tyrannosaurus Rex in all its glory.

Nicole Stein wanted to give her husband a special gift before their wedding on July 1st so she set about taking some special boudoir themed photos…

And decided to spice things up a bit by posing in a T.Rex costume.

A resounding success, the rest of the photos speak for themselves….

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