15 Trees That Won't Give up Despite All the Odds

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Given that early humans have only been around for 200,000 years and civilisation as we know is only 6,000-years-old it's safe to say that we're relatively new on the scene. Trees however? they've been around for 370 million years - so clearly they know a thing or two about longevity and one look at the photos below and you'll see why.

Able to adapt in just about every scenario trees are capable of growing in the harshest of environment, whether it's through concrete, on a rock, or inside the metal casing of a pole designed to hold up a sign. It's clear that no matter what's put in a trees way there's always a way around it through their resilience and for that they deserve everyones respect.

1. A tree growing from a third floor window.

2. Ta Promh Temple In Cambodia

3. Against all odds.

4. Life finds a way.

5. Striving

6. This tree isn't giving up.

7. This tree that still has all of its leaves thanks to the light.

8. Nature winning.

9. The tree of life, Olympic National Park, Washington.

10. A tree growing inside a speed limit sign.

11. A tree's roots intertwine themselves with the sidewalk.

12. This tree fell over, then sprouted four more trees from itself.

13. The only tree that survived the 2011 tsunami in Japan.

14. A Place of Enchantment

15. This tree that fell over, but then got right back up.