20 Packaging Designs That Use Barcodes in Genius Ways

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Barcodes are a reliable and effective way of identifying product and are used all around the world making them universally recognisable, but the barcodes you see below however are a little different from the rest. Although they still function just as conventional barcodes do the designers who placed them on the products decided to get a little creative - with some brilliant results!

A barcode works by giving each digit that you see below a products bar code the same 7 units of space to display that number. A combination of black lines are then used to represent that number - a combination that a scanner can quickly detect, even if their designers decide to think outside the box.

1. Graters Gonna Grate.

2. The barcode on this cereal box form a table top.

3. This shampoo bottle's bar code.

4. Wine bottle design blended into the barcode.

5. The barcode on this beer forms a forest.

6. This shower gel barcode.

7. Surfboard barcode.

8. Barcode shades.

9. This barcode is the New York city skyline.

10. Barcode and a bird cage.

11. Organic wheatgrass barcode.

12. Roots of the tree form the barcode.

13. Farmhouse barcode.

14. Fisherman.

15. Waiter carrying a stack of plates.

16. Accordion - Black Prairie Album.

17. The barcode on a children's book about thunderstorms.

18. Gaiety Tea.

19. Shaving foam barcode.

20. Spaghetti packaging has a clever barcode.