30 Animals That Don't Give a Damn About Your Stupid Human Rules

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Rules are put in places to keep all of us functioning members of society and to avoid absolute chaos, but for every person out there that plays by them apparently there's an animal that doesn't give a damn. Unable to read these animals are exempt from the rule book, but that doesn't make their careless attitudes any less hilarious. Here are 30 animals that don't give a damn about your stupid human rules.

1. Rebel.

2. No feeding? we'll see about that.

3. Cats don't play by the rule book.

4. Because cats don't care for history.

5. Rules? what rules.

6. Go pigeon!

7. Not even anti-bird spikes will stop him.

8. Rebel peacock.

9. "We adopted Barry and this is what he did on his first walk."

10. Don't follow the rule book.

11. "No" means nothing to this kitty.

12. This dog understands.

13. This duck just wants to watch the world burn.

14. The picture frame says it all.

15. Police may take notice, but not this guy.

16. Pigeon anarchy.

17. This cat doesn't care what society thinks.

18. This bird gets it.

19. Dogs allowed.

20. He'll use whatever door he damn well pleases.

21. No gods, no kings, no masters.

22. Goats can be real jerks sometimes.

23. The cat is a rebel.

24. The fluff cannot be contained!

25. Pretty smart!

26. Is that so?

27. Parents setting a bad example.

28. Money well spent.

29. Don't work hard, work smart.

30. "I sent my dog outside as punishment for standing on the dining room table. This was his response..."