A Giant Inflatable Chicken That Looks Like Trump Just Landed at the White House

Although millions visit Washington each year in order to see the White House it’s probably never quite had a visitor quite like the 10-foot-tall inflatable chicken that recently floated it’s way to the white house – and as it happens it just so happens to look like the guy that lives there!

Bearing a striking resemblance to Trump, complete with golden hair, the chicken found itself perched behind the White House but not just to make people laugh, it’s ‘owner’ or at least the guy that put it there has a message for Trump.

Some may recognise the chicken from a Tax March back in April that was against Trump’s lack of financial transparency – pointing to the fact that he’s to ‘chicken’ to release his tax returns. Purchased by political activist Taran Singh Brar for $1300 the chicken is back again and this time he’s hear to call the president out on his lack of strength in dealing with international powers such as North Korea and Russia – we’re pretty sure Trump will get the message too… you don’t see many 10-foot-tall chickens after all!

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