A Pregnant Doggo Was Given Her Very Own Baby Shower and Twitter Is in Love

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A pregnant pit bull and soon to be mum named Winter has just had a baby shower and the internet can't handle how adorable it is. Her owner, Gisselle O. Suarez, shared some photos over on Twitter of Winter having her baby shower on a beach and Twitter went crazy over it!

The pregnant pooch was wearing a blue tutu that got her a whole lot of attention whilst people crowded around her and showered her with gifts and clearly Winter was loving it - that's if the smile on her face is anything to go by. If you needed cheering up today, you probably had no idea you'd find it from a dog wearing a blue tutu - but then again that's the beauty of the internet.

A dog owner decided to throw a baby shower for her pregnant put bull named Winter

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She posted three photos over on Twitter of winter wearing her blue tutu, surrounded by gifts and the post went viral

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The ceremony took place on a beach - the perfect place for such an awesome occasion

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And people over on Twitter loved it....

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